My Story

( I have absolutely no clue how everything simply fell into place.)

1. Started sewing in grade school.

2. Made and sold pencil cases and tennis racquet covers for a bit of pocket money. 

3. Sent a woven ribbon pillow to  Princess Diana, for Williams birth.

4. Received a little thank you note from Kensington Palace. 

5. Somehow graduated from Washington University in St.Louis.

6. Snagged an internship with The Smithsonian's Division of Costume.

7. Spent a summer in Paris with Parsons School of Design.

8. Designed and produced my own line of evening wear.

9. Stumbled into a Design job with Victor Costa.

10. Fell onto a photography set for Neiman Marcus. 

11. Had a good run as a photo stylist.

12. Proposed to in Paris.

13. Married in Roma. 

14. Moved to London.

15. Delivered two charming boys whilst in London.

16. Produced a handbag line that was featured in British Vogue.

17. Moved back to America and opened a shop.

18. FOUND my Great Grandmother Muzzie's SHOE BUICKLES.


20. Ta-da!

(Would you like to buy a necklace?)